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Audco Match Results

Audco League rd 8 Long Lane 31st July 

Normal weather conditions returned (and normal draw time!) for Round 8 on Long Lane Pool.  Stuart Miles took top spot on the day with 39lb from Peg 6, with league pace setters Gerald and Dave " Bertie Bagger"  competing for the frame.  Good to see Bob back on the bank too he was 3rd overall on the day. 


Stuart Miles (Peg 6) - 39lb Overall 


Section A (Pegs 1,2,4,5,6,8,18) 


1) Gerald Large (Peg 8) - 28lb 8oz 

2) Bob Pritchard (Peg 5) - 27lb 12oz 


Section B (Pegs 9,10,11,14,15,17)


1) Dave Burton (Peg 14) - 21lb 10oz 

2) Dave Matson (Peg 9) - 18lb 3oz 


Points on the day: 


Stu Miles 1, Gerald Large 2, Bob Pritchard 3, Dave Burton 4, Roy Biddulph 5, Dave Matson 6.  Gerry Powell 7, Simon Dromgool 8th

Mid Week Match Parkers Pool 20th July 

Quite weird to see anglers who drew on far bank going back to cars for jackets after last 2days of heat. Pool fished extremely well all catching good mixed bags: 


1st Peg10 Dave Matson 44lb 1oz Carp plus nice net of skimmers/Roach/Perch Pole meat/maggot
2nd Peg 20 Richard Cavey 43lb 6oz Carp/Tench/Skimmers Method feeder
3rd Peg21 Tony Jackson 28lb 15oz Carp/ skimmers Feeder and Pole
4th Peg 16 Gerald Large 20lb. Carp Skimmers Method feeder

Audco League Rd7 Melverley Laneside 17th July 

Heatwave conditions preceeded this match and with UK record predicted on the Sunday to the Tuesday, it was decided in best interests of Fish (and Anglers) to bring the draw forward to 7am!  Which meant starting 2 hours earlier than normal.  It was warm on the day and fishing was good overall but peggy.   Stu Miles took top spot for the first time in the league this year, with Dave "Bertie Bagger" Burton following up as 2nd.  . .  


Stuart Miles (Peg 2) - 67lb 6oz 

Dave Burton (Peg 1) - 47lb 6oz

Gerald Large (Peg 8) - 46lb 14oz 




A Section (Pegs 1-7) 


1) D Burton  2nd) Gerry Powell - 45lb 13oz 


B Section 8-13 

1) Gerald Large (peg 8) 

2) Nigel Simpson (peg 10) - 41lb 


Points on the day: 

Stu Miles 1,  Bertie 2, Gerald 3, Gerry 4, Nigel 5, Roy 6, Kev 7, Mick Groom 8. 



Audco Club Match Bearcroft Pool Sat 9th July

Lovely weather but very patchy fishing for most of us on Saturday. Bob Pritchard found a good run of fish and cauht steady all day and also had a couple of the bigger Carp to easily take top spot: 


1) Bob Pritchard (Peg 6) - 16lb 12oz

2) Phil Bowen (Peg 15) - 7lb 3oz 

3) Dave Matson (Peg 11) - 6lb 

4) Stu Miles (Peg 8) - 4lb 11oz 

Mid Week Long Lane July 7th 

A good turn out found the fishing very hard for July. But shoals of tiny Perch were every were. 

1st Peg 8 Dave Matson 19lb 7oz 3Carp (2of them in last 10 min)  with lots of tiny perch and roach Pole maggot.
2nd Peg 9 Richard Cavey 11lb 14oz 2 Carp lots of small Perch and Roach Pole Maggot
3rd Peg 1 Tony Turner 11lb 1oz 3 Carp feeder.
4th Peg 18 Gerald Large 10lb 2oz 3 Carp feeder.

Silver fish Match Stirchley Top July 2nd 

A lower than normal turnout for our Silver fish matches (which are usually overbooked) so a very good match took shape, close with decent nets all over the pool.  Dave "I've No Luck" Matson!  Found several Bream up in the water during the last hour to come from mid field to take top spot with 32lb odd.  Guy Jones was 2nd on his first match with us but was pestered by Carp getting 6 out but losing time to these proved a little costley. Great match 7 with 7 bags of Silvers over 21lb!  


1) Dave Matson (Peg  6) - 32lb 4oz 

2) Guy Jones (Peg 10) -28lb 7oz 

3) Nigel Simpson (Peg 7) - 26lb 8oz 

4) Stu Miles (Peg 4)- 25lb 10 


Silver match break now for Summer, next one on Apley October 15th @ Apley Pool 

Mid Week Match Apley Pool 29th June 

Apley Pool, Dave Matson takes top spot with bag of Carp . . . with Fishing improving on previous visits . .

1st Peg 15, Dave Matson 54lb 8oz Carp Pole and cage feeder Meat,
2nd Peg 9, Mark Jones 21lb 15oz Carp feeder worm.
3rd Peg 11, Tom Gollins 21lb Carp pole pellet.
4th Peg 12, Nigel Simpson 14lb 2oz Carp Pole Maggot.

Long Lane 26th June Audco League Round 6

The latest round was contested on Sunday at Long Lane, following a recent very warm spell and recent spawning, the fishing was hard for many and lots of lost fish on the day. Phil Bowen took the top spot on the day from peg 11 with Carp on feeder and pole: 


1) Phil Bowen (Peg 11) - 24lb 8 oz (Overall & section winner) 


Two Sections on the day 


Section 1 - Pegs 1-5 & peg 18 


1) Stuart Miles (Peg 5) - 24lb 3oz 

2) Dave Matson (Peg 1) - 17lb 6oz 


Section 2  pegs 6,8,11,14,15,17,


1) Phil Bowen (11) as above 

2) Geral Large (15) - 22lb 13oz  


The anglers numbers we're lower this round hence 4 people (2 sections) included the overall winner.  Points on the day (top 6): 


Phil Bowen 1, Stu Miles 2, Gerald Large 3, Roy Biddulph 4, Dave Matson 5, Tony Turner 6 



Mid Week match Apley Pool 22nd June 

Fished quite hard bar one peg for the carp in the higher pegs.

1st Peg 27 Tom Gollins 60lb Carp with one large Bream with many fish lost Paste pole;
2nd Peg 30 Dave Matson 14lb 11oz Perch/Roach one small Carp
3rd Peg 26 Tony Turner 6lb 10oz one Carp.
4th Peg 28 Trevor Armstrong 3lb 5oz roach.

next week Leegomery Top Pool 

John Buttery Memorial Match 18th June Honeysuckle

Harry Groom took top spot and won the John Buttery Memorial match this Saturday on Newports Honeysuckle section.  Well done guys and nice to honour Johns memory in Newport. 


1) Harry Groom - 12lb 13oz - Tench & Bream 

2) Bob Pritchard - 5lb 6oz 

3) Pete Lee - 5lb 3oz 


Audco Mid Week 15th June Leegomeery Top Pool 

Again this venue produced well Carp showed along dam wall on pegs 1 and 12 with silvers showing all around pool. Well done to Mark Jones who took the spoils this week with a excellent bag of fish on the feeder: 


1st Peg 1 Mark Jones 63lb 7oz Carp to 17lb cage feeder meat.
2nd Peg 12 Tony Jackson 36lb 8oz Carp to 12lb pole on Paste
3rd Peg2  Dave Matson 28lb 8oz Bream and roach Best Bream 5lb pole Worm/caster.
4th Peg 6 Tom Gollin 25 lb 9oz Skimmer Bream to 2lb Roach Pole Maggot. 

Next week Apley pool Beech side,

Audco Series Apley Pool Rd 5 12th June 

A fine nice dry sunny day, but it was a tale of two sides of the Pool this week and a fine example of where sections really do come into play.  Dave "Bertie Bagger" did some serious bagging on Peg 8 to take overall spot and continue his good start to this years league.   A special mention to Harry Groom too who landed a very rare Apley Bream of peg 9. 


1st Dave Burton (Peg 8) - 58lb 7oz (Carp pole and feeder). 

2nd Phil Bowen (Peg 10) - 30lb 12oz (Carp on waggler) 

3rd Kev Swinnerton (Peg 15) 28lb 14oz (Carp) 

4th Harry Groom (Peg 9) - 22lb 15oz 


Sections on the day: 


A Section pegs 2 - 8 

1) D Matson (Peg 2) - 11lb (Roach and Small Carp) 

2) R Biddulph (Peg 3) - 9lb 6oz (Silvers) 


B Section  Pegs 9 -15 


1) P Bowen (Peg 10) - 30lb 12oz 

2) K Swinnerton (Peg 15) - 28lb 14oz 


See Series for Latest Points 


Audco Mid-Week Leegomery Top 25th May 

1st Peg 7 Rob Sands 40lb 7oz, Bream with one 15lb Carp pole worm.
2nd Peg 12 Mark Jones 34lb 1oz, Two Carp for 28lb few bream pole worm
3rd Peg 10 Dave Matson 31lb 1oz, Beam and roach worm/caster pole
4th Peg 1 Tony Turner 22lb 10oz,  3 carp Pole.

Audco League Parkers Pool 22nd May 

Round 4 took place at Parkers, with a full pool nearly 15 Anglers on and it was very hard work. Carp we're in pre spawing mode.  A few found some fish later on with Gerald Large becoming the 3rd different winner across 4 rounds with  35lb 4oz from peg 1 . . .  


1) Gerald Large (peg 1) - 35lb 4oz (Carp / Feeder) 

2) D Burton (Peg 1) - 25lb 6oz (Carp Pole up in water) 

3) D Matson (Peg 9) - 19lb 4oz - Silvers and 1 large Carp (Pole) 

4) S Miles (Peg 13) - 10lb 11oz  Pole silvers and 2 small Carp 


Mid Week Match 18th May Leegomery Pools 

1st Peg 1 Dave Matson 32lb 7oz Bream pole worm and caster
2nd Peg5 Nige Simpson 24lb 13 oz Bream to 6lb/Roach pole maggot
3rd Peg7 Trevor Armstrong 19lb 15oz  Bream pole maggot
4th Peg4 Richard Cavey 18lb 9oz Bream/Roach pole caster.

Audco Match S.U.C Hinstock Wood 14th May 

The club had a Silvers match on the Shropshire Union canal Saturday, with fine weather. Boat traffic was heavier this week, but plenty of bites . . . Bob took the spoils with a fine 6lb bag.


1) Bob Pritchard - 6lb 

2) Mick Groom - 5lb 4oz

3) Gerry Powell - 4lb 10oz 

4) Stu Miles - 4lb 8oz 


Audco League Melverley Farm Birches Rd3 8th May 

The 3rd round took place with 14 Anglers on Birches, conditions we're good but the fishing was very hard for most.  Dave Matson again took top place (must be using some kind of Stimulant!) with 40lb 11oz from Road side peg. 


1) Dave Matson - 40lb - Carp / Chub (Pole open water and margins) 

2) Gerald Large - 32lb 7oz (Carp - Feeder) 

3) Simon Dromgool - 24lb 15oz (Carp -Pole / Feeder) 

4) Gerry Powell - 22lb 9oz 


Next round changed to Parkers due to lack of availability on SUC water - 22nd May draw 8:45am. 

MacMillan Charity Pairs 7th May

The Annual Pairs match for MacMillan took place on Newport and Honeysuckle sections of canal on Saturday.  Thanks to all those who turned out for the event and thanks to Bob and co for running the match: 


Audco Section: 


1) Barry Jones - 12lb 15oz

2) Nigel Simpson - 2lb 10oz 




1) Mick Groom - 6lb 14oz 

2) Bob Pritchard - 5lb 


Winning Pair we're Nigel Simpson and Bob Pritchard with 4 points! Well done guys. Many of the Anglers we're plagued by feeding Jack Pike in both sections.  £30 was raised by match with club also donating £20 so £50 for chairty this year.

Audco Mid-Week Long Lane Pool 4th May 

1st Peg 9 Tony Jackson  21lb 13oz Carp pole with Corn.
2nd Peg 17 Richard Cavey 17lb 12 Carp pole and feeder.
3rd Peg14 Tony Turner  15lb 6oz  Carp pole.
4th Peg 18 Gerald Large 15lb 2oz method feeder.

Thanks to Tony Turner for running match today next week Bearcoft

Audco Match 30th April Bearcroft Pool 

The cooler nights have played havoc with mixed fishing following such nights, a decent turn out of Anglers attended on Saturday, with Phil Bowen taking the top spot this time . . .  


1) Phil Bowen (Peg 16) - 11lb 6oz 

2) Roy Biddulph (peg 12) - 8lb 12oz 

3) M Price (Peg 9) - 6lb 12oz 

4) J Davies (Peg 15) - 6lb 1oz 



Audco Mid Week 27th April Apley Pool Telford 

Fishing was harder on Apley this week, Silvers very hard to come by!  Tony Jackson took the spoils this week of Wigan Pier peg! 


1st peg 8 Tony, Jackson 35lb 2oz - 6, Carp pole sweetcorn.
2nd peg 7 Dave Matson 29lb 9oz - 2, Carp meat pole breakers Literally
3rd peg 6 Rob Sands       6lb 11oz - 1Carp Feeder
4th peg 33 Richard Cavey 6lb 4oz - 1 Carp Pole,

Next Weeks match  Long Lane 

Audco League Round 2 Stirchely Top Pool 24th April 

Despite a big match on the pool the previous day, a good turn out for us on the Sunday saw a tightly contested frame, with dry but windy conditions making fishing more tricky.  Dave Matson won overal with 21lb odd from permnant peg 1 . . . 


1) D Matson (Peg 2 PP1) - 21lb 3oz (Carp /Tench & Ide) 

2) D Burton ( peg 10 PP 18) - 20lb 1oz (Silvers) 

3) S Miles (Peg 8 / PP 13) - 19lb 7oz (Bream / Ide and 1 Carp) 

4) S Dromgool (Peg 3 PP 4) - 19lb 5oz (Carp) 


Again we had sections so Dave Matson overal winner and 2 sections: 


Section 1 - Pegs 1 to 7 

1) Simon Dromgool  per peg 3 

2) Bob Pritchard  16lb 11 per peg 7 


Section 2 - Pegs 8 to 14 


1) D Burton  per peg 18 

2) S Miles per peg 13 



Next Round on Melverley Farm Birches Pool on Sunday 8th May

Audco Mid-Week Long Lane 20th April 

Gerald Large had a large weight of Peg 4 to win this weeks match!  Method feeder is what did the trick for him on the day.  It was patchy for most but Gerald enjoyed a very good day. 


1) Gerald Large (Peg 4) - 73lb 8oz 

2) Tony Jackson (Peg 5) - 23lb 1oz (Method feeder & Pole) 

3) Tony Turner (Peg 8) - 12lb 4 (Pole /Carp)

4) Mark Jones (Peg 9) - 10lb 8oz (Pole / Carp)

Audco Silvers Apley Pool 16th April 

The 2nd Silvers match of the new year took place on Apley on Easter Saturday, fewer Anglers turned out due to Easter getaways etc but 11 Fished.  Dave Matson won this round from peg 6 with double figures (10lb 6oz) and took the spolis.  Thanks to all the guys who helped run match in my absence. . .  


1) D Matson (Peg 6) - 10lb 6oz 

2) B Pritchard (Peg 5) - 8lb 11oz 

3) G Powell (Peg 1) & Roy Biddulph (peg 3) each with 7lb 4oz 


Next Silvers Match Saturday 14th May on Shropshire Union canal.  Please book on if you want to attend this one. 

Audco League Hinstock Wood 10th April 

The 2022 League kicked off on Sunday at the Shroppy Union in Hinstock wood.  Repeated overnight frosts we're a sign for a tough match and so it proved.  Tony "Whippet' Turner won the overall day on his League Debut!  With a Bream bag, others struggled!  We had two sections: 


Overall Winner - Tony Turner (Section B) peg 15 - 9lb 


Section A (Pegs 2-7)


1) Phil Bowen (Peg 3) - 3lb 13oz 

2) Gerry Powell (Peg 5) - 3lb 5oz 


Section B  (Pegs 9-15 7 in section): 


1) Andy Hughes  (peg 14) - 1lb 3oz 

2) Dave Burton (Peg 9) - 15oz 


Next Round on Stirchley Top Pool on Sunday 24th April. 



Audco Match Bearcroft Pool - Sat 9th April 

A small club knock up on Bearcroft Pool in Hinstock, saw a reasonable return considering the severe overnight frost in the area! 


1) Roy Biddulph (Peg 16) - 12lb 11oz

2) Harry Groom (peg 6) - 9lb 14oz 

3) Mick Groom (Peg 1) - 8lb 13oz 


Midweek match on Bearcroft Pool 13th April, please book on with Harry Groom if interested. 

Audco Mid Week - Long Lane 6th April 

First mid Week Match 2022 strange pegs past gate flat calm then Gales blowing up the arm length. 
1st Peg 11 Gerry Powell 30lb 0oz Carp Method Feeder to Island
2nd Peg 9    Tom Gollins   29lb 8oz Carp Pole down the Side
3rd  Peg17  Trevor Armstrong 21lb 9oz Carp plus good bag of Roach Rudd on Pole Maggot.
4th Peg4    Dave Matson   20lb 14oz Carp plus good bag Roach Ruud Pole Bread Punch.
Bearcroft next week. 

Audco Open Silvers Parker 26th March 

We held a Silvers Open match on Saturday at Telfords Parkers Pool, with great weather for March and a great turn out of no fewer than 15 Anglers!  Fishing was the only thing that was missing!  


Gerry Powell took the overall prize on the day, and then we paid out two sections of two places. 


Overall Winner: Gerry Powell (Peg 4) - 9lb 2oz Roach, Hybrids and Bream.  


Section 1: Pegs 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10

1) Stu Miles - 6lb 12 (Roach)  Peg 3 

2) John Radley - 4lb 13oz Peg 10 


Section 2: Pegs 11,12,14,16,18,20,22 

1) Dave Matson - 5lb 9oz (Peg 11) 

2) Simon Dromgoool - 4lb 10oz (Peg 18) 


Audco Open S.U.C Match 12th Mar

We held are last match on the Honesty Box farm length of the Shrops union last Saturday with plenty of small bits coming out.  Phil Bowen continued his fine canal form with another win from end peg 17! 


1) Phil bowen (Peg 17) - 5lb 4oz 

2) Gerry Powell (11) - 3lb 12oz 

3) Roy Biddulph (15) - 2lb 15oz 


Audco Open S.U.C Match 12th Feb 

The club held an open match on the Goldstone Stetch of the Shropshire Union Canal on Saturday.  The weather was patchy and so was the fishing!  A good turn out of 12 Anglers turned out. 


1) Phil Bowen - 9lb 4oz (Bream )

2) Roy Biddulph - 4lb 5oz (Silvers) 

3) Gerry Powell - 2lb 7oz 

4) Stu Miles - 2lb 4oz 


Next canal match on 12th March stretch to be confirmed. 

Audco Fur and Feather Dec 4th S.U.C

The Annual Christmas match took place on a cold and windy Shropshire Union Canal on Saturday.  A great turn out of 19 anglers took part, with tough fishing for most.  An early scare by one member of the group meant an Ambulance was called and after he gave us a fright  went on to fish the match and Win top prize in his section!!!  The match was reduced to 4 hours but very glady he was O.K and we we're all very pleased with that.  A special thanks to Eric Cooper who was brilliant. 


We had 3 sections across the Honesty box stretch and paid top 3 in each.  It was hard going for most and another member broke two pole sections so costly too!  


Section one was the early pegs for those who wanted  short walks, 7 in A section several bites but all blanked (Pegs 2-7).


Overall Winner was Stuart Miles with 8lb 6oz of Skimmers and Roach from Section C (Peg 19). 




A-  Drew peg numbers as no-one caught: 

1) Bob Pritchard (first out of hat) 


B Section 


1) John Marshall - 4lb 10 



C Section 


1) Stuart Miles - 8lb 6oz 

2) Roy Biddulph - 4lb 10oz 

3) Gerald Large - 2lb odd 


Audco Silver Fish match Parkers Pool Nov 20th 

The 3rd and final Silvers only match this year, took place on Telfords Parkers Pool on Saturday.  Mild conditions for the time of year and fishing was steady for some and patchy for others.  Another good turn out for the final Silver match of 2021 saw Stuart Miles win overall with 8lb odd: 


Section A was peg 1 through to peg 10 


1) Ray Jarvis (Peg1) - 7lb 4oz 

2) Dave Matson (4) - 5lb 3oz 

3) Nigel Simpson (3) - 5lb 1oz 


Section B Peg 12 to 22


1) Stu Miles (Peg 22) - 8lb 6oz

2) Gerry Powell (13) - 7lb 11oz 

3) Roy Biddulph (14) - 5lb 10oz 


Top two on each section we're paid out on day.  Look out for more match dates coming soon on here for 2022, with more Silvers match in Spring and Autumn 22. 

Audco mid week Match Nov 17th Long Lane Pool 

Getting colder so a lesser turnout this week, but excellent weight from Gerald Large on Peg 5 who won with 57lb of Carp on the Method feeder. 


1) Gerald Large (Peg5) - 57lb

2) Tony Turner (Peg 9) - 29ln of Carp and Roach on Pole 

3) Dave Matson (Peg 8) 22lb 6oz of Carp / Roach on Pole. 

Audco Match S.U.C 6th November 

A fantastic turn out for our first Autumn / Winter match on the Shroppy.  It was a dry but windy day for the 16 Anglers who took part and two sections we're in place for those fishing. It fished hard but some reasonable weights at the top end of the Honesty Box. 


Section A 


1) Roy Biddulph - 6lb 11oz  - Roach bag. 

2) Gerry Powell - 6lb 4oz - Roach Bag

3) Phil Bowen - 3lb 4oz 


Section B 


1) Bob Pritchard - 3lb 11oz 

2) Harry Groom - 1lb 6oz 


Audco Mid week Apley Pool 4th November 

A change in recent temperatures since a fine October the colder nights and some rain didn't dampen the spirits or the catches . . . 


1) Dave Matson (Peg 8) - 29lb 4oz - 2 Good Carp, Big Perch and some small Roach pole and maggott. 

2) Gerald Large (Peg 7) - 17lb  3 Carp on Method Feeder. 

3) Trevor Armstrong (Peg 6) - 15lb  2 Carp on Feeder and Roach on pole. 

4) Mark Jones (Peg 32) - 10lb 10oz - Roach and Carp on Pole  

Audco Silvers Match 30th Oct Stirchley Top 

Another good turn out for the second of our Silver Fish matches.  Heavy rain slowed it up but it was a tight frame on Saturday. Dave Matson won the match but was run close by the rest of the frame: 


1) Dave Matson (Peg 5) - 14lb 6oz - Bream / Crucians, and Tench. 

2) Ray Jarvis (Peg 11) - 13lb 15oz - Bream and Roach. 

3) Roy Biddulph ( Peg 4) - 12lb 13oz Mixed bag 

4) Dave Jones (Peg 6) 12lb 11oz Mixed bag 



Audco Mid Week Apley 20th October 


The Audco Match with prize for top silvers: 


1st Peg5, Tom Gollins ,      30lbs 0oz,   4Carp Metod Feeder with few Roach
2nd Peg 8, Dave Matson 29lbs 10oz,  4 Carp lot of Perch Pole single Magot,  
3rd  Peg 33, Gerry Powell 16lb 15oz  I Carp Loads of small perch pole, Magot.

1st Top Silver Peg34 Ray Jarvis 9lb 4 oz Roach pole, Hemp and Tares 

Audco Mid week Melverley October 13th 

Another fab turnout meant both Top and Birches Pool we're used at Melverley Farm this week . . . 


Birches pool.

1st peg 9, Steve Warrell 73lb 9oz Carp in margins pole
2nd  peg 6 Ken Mainwaring 71 lb 7oz Carp pole and feeder.
3rd peg5  Trev Armstrong  52lb 70z Carp pole and feeder

Special mention for Tom Gollins who landed a Grass Carp weighing 19lb 1oz like a torpedo 3ft long Beautiful fish

Top Pool,
1st peg 16 Harry Groom 38lb 1oz Carp pole
2nd peg 13 Mick Price 16lb 5oz net of small fish 4oz the best.
3rd peg 14 Dougy Haywood 10lb 2small Carp and bits.

Audco Silver Match Oct 9th Apley Pool 

Our first Autumn Silvers match took place on Saturday at Telfords Apley Pool.  The weather was unseasonaly warm and it would have made a great Carp Match!  With many Carp hooked and landed!!!  No fewer than 18 turned out to fish the Match with two sections of 3.  Dave Matson won overall: 


Section A Pegs 28-3 


1) D Matson (Peg 32) - 9lb 1oz 

2) R Jarvis (33) - 7lb 15oz 

3) H Groom ( 3) - 3lb 13oz 


Section B Pegs 4- 12


1) T Elsdon (Peg 6) - 8lb 2oz 

2) M Price (10) - 5lb 15oz

3) S Walton (8) - 5lb 2oz 


Audco Mid Week Long Lane 6th October 

The weather was great (for October) but the fishing was rock hard on Long Lane this week. Gerald Large continued his fine form of late we another win . . . 


1) Gerald Large (Peg1) - 20lb 12oz - 5 carp on feeder. 

2) Mick Price (Peg 6) - 11lb Pole / Carp 

3) Dave Matson (Peg 9) - 10lb 4oz - 2 Carp 

4) Mark Jones (Peg 3) - 8lb 4oz 


Next week Melverley Farm 

Audco Club Match Bearcroft 2nd Oct 

The match was on a wet and windy day, talk about change in weather!  Some good weights though:


1) Dave Chatter - 16lb 

2) Phil Bowen - 15lb 

3) Roy Biddulph - 14lb 

4) Dave Burton - 13lb 

Audco Club Match Apley Pool 29th Sept

September 21 has been dry and warm, as warm and dry as any on record but in the last week that weather changes and started to become unstettled. Another decent turnout: 


1) Dave Matson (Peg 6) - 32lb 9oz 

2) Harry Groom (Peg 10) - 31lb 1oz 

3) Gerald Large (Peg 31) - 18lb 3oz 

4) Tony Turner (Peg 32) - 12lb 3oz 


Audco Series Long Lane Sep 26th  Round 11 

Great turn out, brilliant weather but sadly fishing not so great today, well done though to Gerald Large who won off peg 4 the final League match of the league: 


1) Gerald Large (Peg 4) - 52lb 14oz

2) Bob Pritchard (Peg 5) - 32lb 4oz 

3) Dave Burton (Peg 8) - 29lb 6oz 

4) Kevin Swinerton (Peg 11) - 18lb 4 oz 

Audco Mid-Week match 22nd September Melverley Birches

A brilliant Turn out in mid-week meant two matches run simutanously!  


Match One - Birches Pool 


1) Tom Gollins - 45lb 10oz Carp / Chub Method Feeder. 

2) Steve Warrell - 41lb 

3) Tony Jackson - 35lb 7oz Pole Carp 

4) Gerald Large - 30lb 12oz Method feeder 


Match Two: 


1) D Maston - 29lb 6oz

2) Harry Groom - 27lb 12oz 

3) Dave Chatter - 15lb (Roach and Ide) 

4) Mick Price - 6lb 12oz 


Audco Mid Week - Apley Pool 15th Sep 

This time the mid-week guys decided to run a Silver fishi match.  Apley was chosen for the event and a very good turnout enjyoyed their Day. 


1) Ray Jarvis (Peg 5) - 21lb 10oz 

2) Dave Matson (Peg4) -9lb 6oz

3) Gerald Large (Peg 2) - 8lb 11

4) Harry Groom (Peg 28) - 16lb 14

Audco Leage Apley Poool Rd 10 - Sep 12th 

Apley had been in outstanding form leading up to our match, yeah you've guessed it! It was shocking Sunday! 


1) Gerald Large (Peg 13) - 38lb 7 oz (Method Feeder) 

2) Phil Bowen (2) - 24lb 

3) Simon Dromgool (8) - 23lb 3oz 

4) Nigel Simpson (15) - 22lb 

Audco Mid-Week Parkers Pool - 8th Sep 

The guys rocked up to Parkers Pool in Telford this week, the pool has been fishing well lately and Dave Matson took spoils, again from unfancied Peg 14! 


1) Dave Matson (14) - 32lb 9oz - 6lb Silvers and 3 Carp. 

2) Harry Groom (20)- 17lb 11oz 

3) Tony Jackson (2) - 17LB 10oz. 

4) Mick Groom (10) - 15lb 4oz 

Audco Club match Bearcroft Pool 28th Aug 

Dave "Bertie Bagger" Burtontook the spoils again at Bearcroft.  With a fine 21lb bag off peg 2


1) Dave Burton (peg 2) - 21lb 

2) Bob Pritchard (Peg 10) - 9lb 13oz

3) Harry Groom (14) - 8lb 

4) Roy Biddulph (4) - 7lb 


Many fish lost but a few caught too well done guys. 

Audco Mid Week Melverley Farm Birches Aug 25th 

Good turn out with few carp, Silvers did not feed,
1st Gerald Large, peg 2, 55lb 1oz Carp Method Feeder
2nd Dave Matson, peg12 48lb Carp Pole all in last hour
3rd Tim Britain, peg3  41lb 9 oz pole Carp,
4th Mick Groom, peg5,  27lb 4oz pole Carp,

Audco Mid Week Melverley Farm 18th Aug Laneside 

A packed pool saw over 400lb of fish caught
1st Peg3 Tony Jackson 78lb 40z Big Carp, Pole double sweetcorn.
2nd Peg 9 Tony Turner 60lb 15 oz Carp, Pole Paste,
3rd Peg 6 Gerald Large 50lb 7oz Big Carp Method feeder to Island
4th Peg 8 Dave Matson 40lb 10oz Mainly skimmer Bream Odd Carp.

Audco Club Match Bearcroft Pool 14th Aug

The latest Saturday match switched to Bearcroft, a good turn out and great conditions didn't make it an easier one though.  Some caught plenty of small fish, notably new F1's and Tench that have been stocked and a few of the bigger fish turned  up too: 


1) Phil Bowen (Peg 11) - 15lb 

2) Roy Bidullph (Peg 6) - 11lb 10oz 

3) Bob Pritchard (Peg 14) - 9lb 4oz 

4) Stu Miles (Peg 9) - 7lb 3oz 

Audco Mid Week 11th Aug Melverley Farm 

The latest mid week matxh was held on Melverley farm 


1st Peg4, Dave Matson 50lb 7oz Carp pole Maggot/Meat,
2nd Peg9, Tom Gollins 39lb, Carp, Method Feeder'
3rd Peg5, Richard Cavey 32lb 14oz Carp Pole,
4th Peg8 Gerald Large 32lb 11oz Carp Method Feeder.


Audco Mid Week 4th Aug Long Lane 

Fished a little hard but few reasonable weights Gerald making his Method feeder work again,
1st Peg2, Gerald Large, 42lb 11oz, Carp Method feeder.
2nd Peg8, Dave Matson, 28lb 8oz, Carp/Rudd and Roach, Pole Maggott,
3rd Peg18, Tom Gollins25lb 5oz Carp pole 
4th Peg 17,  Tony Turner 23lb 7oz Carp pole

Audco Series Rd9 - Parkers Pool - 1st Aug 

The recent fine form of Parkers deserted the place on Sunday, following storms and rain, the pool was heavily coloured leading into the match. It made the fishing much harder that it has been recenlty.  Dave Matson won from Peg 14 on the day with pole fished approach with Phil Bowen pushing him with 2nd place . .  . 


1) Dave Matson (Peg 14) - 26lb 2oz 

2) Phil Bowen (Peg 22) - 25lb 2oz  pole 

3) Simon Dromgool (Peg 4) - 15lb 10oz  pole 

4) Gerald Large (Peg 11) - 15lb 6oz (Method Feeder) 

Audco Mid Week 28th July - Melverley Farm Laneside

11 Anglers fished pool fished very well for Carp, Silvers were slow after thunder storms,
1st Peg 1, Tom Gollins 70lb 13oz Carp Method Feeder.
2nd Peg2 Tony Jackson 48lb 2oz Carp Pole, Paste.
3rd Peg7 Richard Cavey 41lb 8oz Carp Pole /Feeder,
4th Peg6 Gerald Large 39lb 10oz, Carp Method Feeder,

Audco Mid Week 21st July - Laneside Melverely farm

Some of the guys fished the venue for a second time in a week and again Dave Matson came out on top with another 50lb odd. 


1) Dave Matson - 58lb (27lb silvers/ 31lb Carp - Pole Corn & Meat)

2) Ian Jones - 46lb 5oz (22lb Silvers / 24lb Carp - Pole fished Caster) 

3) Tony Jackson - 37lb 2oz ( Carp - Pole Paste)

4) Richard Cavey - 32lb (Silvers and Carp) 

Audco League Round 8 - 18th July - Melverely Laneside Pool 

Dave Matson turned on the style in this rounds match with a fine 82lb bag of Fish, all 12 Anglers had at least double figure weights, despite it being heatwave conditions for the week!  Dave on the Right side of the pool won comfortably on the day with plenty of Carp and many Chub: 


1) Dave Matson - 82lb 6oz ( Pole fished Meat at 12m and edge). 

2) Simon Dromgool - 43lb 4 (Pole fished carp and Silvers) 

3) Stuart Miles - 42lb 6oz (Pole fished Silvers and Carp) 

4) Phil Bowen - 41lb 14oz (Pole Carp and silvers) 


Audco Mid Week Wigmore Fishery - 15th July 

New picturesqe venue today, hard going for most but Kev on the Feeder took the spoils this week, nice bag of Skimmers /F1's:


1) Kev Swinerton (Peg 8) - 23lb 3oz (F1's/Skimmers) 

2) Richard Cavey (Peg 12) - 19lb 6oz (Skimmers / F1's) 

3) Nigel Simpson (Peg 1) - 6lb 9oz 

4) Tony Turner (Peg 11) - 6lb 5oz 


Audco Mid Weeker Long Lane July 7th 

Hard going this week for the mid week boys, at Long Lane. Well done to Gerald who won on the day from Peg 1: 


1) Gerald Large (Peg1) - 27lb 2oz 

2) Dave Matson (Peg 9) - 16lb 2oz 

3) Tony Jackson (Peg 11) - 13lb 3oz 

4) Phil Bowen (Peg 14) - 11lb 1oz 

Audco League Round 7 Long Lane 4th July 

i Independence day eh?  A few down this week, but round 7 was mixed match, Bob continues is fine run in the league this year with a win from Peg 4. Plenty of Fish in there and moving but not really getting their heads down! 


1) Bob Pritchard (Peg4) - 43lb

2) Stu Miles (Peg 14) - 34lb 6oz 

3) Dave Matson (Peg 17) - 29lb 5oz 

4) Gerald Large (Peg 18) - 14lb 11oz 


Next round on 18th July Melverley Laneside Pool 

Audco Mid Week - Parkers Pool June 30th 

Some very weights coming off Parkers and Wednesdays match was a good one too . . .  Gerald did well on his first time visit at the venue.  


1) Dave Matson (Peg 18) - 45lb 8oz (6 big Carp and Silvers) 

2) Gerald Large (Peg 1) - 30lb 15oz (15 Carp method feeder) 

3) Richard Cavey (Peg 20)- 17lb 4oz (Carp)

4) Dave Chatter (Peg 4) 13lb 11oz of Silvers on Pole 

Audco Mid Week - Melverley Farm Laneside 23rd June 

Feeling like a home water nowadays Melverley was once again the location but this time the Laneside pool for the guys on a Wednesday, A decent day by all accounts: 


1) Dave Matson - 53lb 12oz - Carp, Bream, Chub and an Eel! 

2) Tony Jackson- 34lb - Carp and Silvers 

3) Tony Turner - 33lb 6oz - Carp and Silvers 

4) Rich Cavey - 24lb 5oz - Carp & Silvers 


Next week on Parkers Pool Telford 

Audco League Rd6 Melverley Farm Birches 20th June 


The 6th round and a 6th different winner!  Hard going to steady for most this Sunday, with few Silver Fish (or Carp) showing in numbers, Stu Miles took top spot this week . . .  


1) Stu Miles - 34lb 14 - Crucians, Carp (Pole and feeder) 

2) Bob Pritchard - 28lb 11oz (Mixed bag - Pole) 

3) Dave Matson - 25lb 15 (Mixed bag pole)

4) Gerald Large - 21lb 6oz (Feeder) 


Next round is on 4th July at Long Lane Pool 

Audco Mid Week Match 16th June Melverley Briches Pool 

The guys rocked up to Melverley Farm Birches Pool this week and an O.K day was enjoyed, close finish too this week . . . 


1) D Matson - 44lb 10oz - Crucians, Bream , Roach (Pole and Feeder) 

2) G Large - 43lb 14oz - Carp (Method Feeder) 

3) D Chatter - 27lb 10oz - Carp Pole 

4) Rich Cavey - 24lb pole


Audco Match Bearcroft Pool 12th June 

A good turn out for this match, nice dry day but fishing was very hard for the majority of us! Well done to Roy Biddulph who found some fish off peg 1 . . . 


1) Roy Biddulph (Peg 1) - 27lb 

2) Phil Bowen (peg 3) & Stu Miles (Peg 11) each with 8lb 4oz 

4) Bob Pritchard (Peg 6) - 7lb odd 


Audco Mid Week Match 9th June Marchamley 

The full results were not sent in for this match, but we did learn that Gerald large won the match with 46lb (one Carp of 16lb) back up weights we're very low (less than 3-4lb). 

Audco Series Stirchley Top Rd5 6th June 

Following a week of nice weather, there was alot or rain overnight! The fishing was patchy but Phil  Bowen pulled out the stops to take the spoils on the day . . . 


1) Phil Bowen (Peg 3) - 31lb 3oz  

2) Gerald Large (Peg 4) - 27lb 3oz 

3) Dave Matson (Peg 5) - 25lb 15oz 

4) Dave Burton (Peg 12) - 23lb 4oz 

Audco Mid-Week 26th May Melverley Farm Pool 

The guys rotated round to Melverley Farms' Laneside Pool this week and finally drier and warmer weather, saw some fish feeding and moving around, some very good weights and well done to Dave Matson who won overall: 


1) Dave Matson - 62lb 6oz (Carp and some nice Chub / Ide) 

2) Richard Cavey - 42lb 10oz (Carp and Chub) 

3) Tom Gollins - 28lb 13oz 

4) Gerald Large - 27lb 

Audco Series Round 4 Long Lane Pool Sun 22nd May

Following the worst wettest May in recent living memory, the fishing was again rock hard at Long Lane on Sunday.  Loads of fish evident but very few fed during the 5 hours, another grueller!  But nice to see another winner this week that's 4 different 1st places in 4th rounds so far. Well done Bob: 


1) Bob Pritchard  (Peg 17) - 23lb 15oz (1 Carp 10lb+) 

2) Andy Hughes (Peg 4) - 23lb 2oz 

3) Gerald Large (Peg 17) - 21lb 9oz

4) Dave Matson (Peg 2) - 19lb 7oz 


Sections:  A Section  1) Andy Hughes

                                  2) Dave Matson 


Section B:                  1) Gerald large 

                                   2) Stuart Miles (Peg 15) 

Next round on Stirchley Top pool Telford. 

Audco Mid Weeker 19th May Wigmore Fishery 

The guys tried out a new venue to us this week, with the weather still being up and down (still.not double digits in May!!!) it was patchy: 


1) Phil Latham - 19lb 6oz (F1's) 

2) Richard Cavey - 13lb 8oz (F1's) 

3) Nigel Simpson - 13lb 7oz (Skimmers) 

4) Tom Gollins - 10lb 6oz (F1's) 

Audco Mid Week 12th May Melverley Farm 

The Mid-Weekers rocked up at Melverley Farm on Wednesday with a few days of warmer but unsettled weather a good day for some . . . 


1) D Matson - 41lb 7oz  2 good Carp and quality Chub bag late on

2) Phil Latham - 32lb 7oz - Carp and Bream 

3) Dougie Hayward and Tony Whippet - 25lb 10oz 

5) Nigel Simpson - 24lb 4oz (1 Carp 12lb)

Audco Series Round 3 Stirchley May 9th 

The persistent rain the day and night before the match which followed several days of single figure temperatures made this match challenging but still some good weights and bites on the day.


1) Dave Burton (Peg 14) - 32lb Great bag of silvers

2) Phil Bowen (Peg 23) - 29lb silves and a couple of decent Carp 

3) Dave Matson (Peg 11) - 14lb 4oz (bits and decent Carp) 

4) Kev Swinton (Peg 24) - 10lb 7oz 


Audco Mid-Week Open May 4th Long Lane 

May 4th can mean one thing . .  Star Wars day! The force was once again with Dave Matson has he continues anohter purple patch!  Again weather is crazy for May with hail, and near frosts overnigt this was always going to be a tricky one: 


1) D Matson (Peg 8) - 14lb 4 small Carp and small Perch on Maggott 

2) Tony Whippet (Peg 2) - 10lb 13oz (Carp plus a fine 2lb plus Perch) 

3) Gerald Large (Peg 17) - 9lb 6oz - Carp on feeder 

4) Tom Gollins (Peg 18) - 7lb 13oz Carp on pole


Worth also mentioning that Dougie Haywood had a fine 2lb Perch too, so nice to see a couple out in same match. Well done to the 12 Anglers who came out. 

Audco Charity Pairs May 1st Newport Canal 

The annual Macmillan charity open was contested on Saturday, across the Honeysuckle and Audco streches of canal.  The cold weather continues to make the fishing patchy in most places but a very good turn out for the event.  Held earlier this year the same pair took the honors again for the 2nd year in a row, something very new to this event! 


So well done to all who Fished and contragulations to Ian Jones and Bob Sands who had 6 points.  2nd over all was Dave Matson (this year with Bob Pritchard) on 8 pts. 


Audo Stretch - 


1) Dave Maston 6.13.0 

2) M Price - 1.7.0 

3) G Dolan - 1.6.0 


Honeysuckle Stretch 


1) Bob Sands - 13.14.0 (overall winner) 

2) Harry Groom - 6.14.0 

3)Brian Matthews - 4.14.0 



Thanks to Bob Pritchard, Phil Bowen, Dave Matson for organsiing and put on event, and to Gordon Dolan for his donation and to all the anglers who supported the event.  We raised just under £100 for the Macmillan chairty. 

Audco Open Mid-Week Marchamely April 28th 

The driest (and coldest) April in recent memory ensured that the fishing continues to be up and down fishing  was patchy this week.  Dave Matson found some fish again this time some Bream showed up.  . . 


1) D Matson - 14lb (5 Bream) 

2) G Large - 5lb 4oz ( Tench and Bream on feeder) 

3) H Groom - 1lb 70z (Perch and Roach) 

Audco Series Round 2 Long Lane 25th April 

Round 2 of the league took place on Sunday, following the canal round a couple of weeks back.  The fishing was rock hard on Long Lane and like most places at present the venue is sporadic in form.  Carp were hard to come by and match was tight for most.  Dave Matson made it a hatrick of match wins in as many weeks by taking top spot from Peg 4: 


1) Dave Matson (Peg 4) - 19lb 3 

2) Bob Pritchard (Peg 1) - 13lb 9oz

3) Phil Bowen (Peg 5) - 11lb 14oz 

4) Nigel Simpson (Peg 17) - 8lb 


Next round on Marchamley on 9th May. 

Audco Match Melverley Farm Laneside - April 21st 

The latest Wednesday match, saw improved fishing with Dave Matson finding some decent Carp and a 20lb of silvers to go with them to take top spot this week: 


1) Dave Matson - 47lb 10oz (5 Carp for 27lb and 20lb of silvers on Maggott) 

2) Dave Chatter - 28lb 4oz (Carp and Cruicians) 

3) Gerald Large - 27lb 13oz (Carp and Skimmers on Method) 


Harry Groom had the biggest fish of the day landing a super 12lb Carp and good day all round with plenty of bites for most. 

Audco Match Marchamley April 15th 

The mid week crew rocked up at Marchamley on Wednesday, with difficult fishing conditions again, like many fisheries it fished very hard. 


1) Dave Matson - 3lb 2oz - Roach and one nice Bream 

2) Pete Lee - 2lb 9oz - Roach and Perch 

3) Dave Chatter - 2lb 3oz - Bream 


Audco Leage 11th April round one S.U.C 

The first round of the series this season took place on the Shropshire Union canal at bridge 50-51 (Honesty box).  A good turnout of Anglers saw us in sections, the recent winter type weather really slowed things up and it was series new comers who took the spoils in round one: 


1) Simon Dungle (Peg 4) - 5lb 

2) Bob Pritchard (Peg 6) - 2lb 4oz 

3) Gerald Large (Peg 3) - 1lb 15-9 

4) Dave Matson (Peg 5) -1lb 15--1 



Audco Mid-Week 7th April 2021 

The first mid-week match since locdown eneded and what a step change! The week before the weather was fine approaching 20 this week it was more like 4 degrees!   Fish (and Anglers) we're shell shocked!  Well done to Nigel Simpson who won the first one: 


1) Nigel Simpson (Peg8) - 10lb 6oz 2 Carp with some Rudd. 

2) Pete Lee (Peg 4) - 5lb 1oz Crucian and Roach 

3) Tom Golings (Peg16) - 2lb 4oz (Roach and Rudd)

4) Trevor Armstrong (Peg 5) - 1lb 10 oz (Roach) 


Audco Mid Week - 9th December - Marchamley 

Due to popular demand the Fishing matches will continue case by case and whilst restrictions and demand allow on Wednesday (book in with Dave Matson).  It fished hard, but plenty of silver fish bites! 


1) Dave Matson - 5lb 3oz (Peg 3) 

2) Pete Lee - 4lb 1oz (Peg 4) 

3) Harry Groom - 2lb 15oz (Peg 5) 

4) Tom Golings - 2lb 11oz (Peg 4) 


Next week on Melveryley Farm! 

Audco Christmas Fayre 4th Dec Long Lane 

The annual Fur and feather and final official match of a disrupted 2020 season, took place on Saturday.  Very good turn out of Anglers supporting the club, following poor weather and cold spell.  Bites we're hard to come by!  Gerald Large won with 3 tip caught Carp of peg 9, just pipping Stuart Miles into second place.  Sections we're also paid out on the day: 


1st Overall Winner - Gerald Large - 11lb 9oz (Peg 9) 

2nd  and section two winner - Stuart Miles - 11lb 6oz  (Peg 5) 

3rd   and section one winner - Tony Jackson - 8lb 13 (Peg 3) 

4th   and section four winner - Pete Lee - 7lb 15oz (Peg 18) 


Sections and wins: 


Tony Jackson Section 1 (pegs 1-3) 

Stuart Miles Setion 2 ( pegs 4 -8) 

Kev Swinton Section 3 ( Pegs 9 -14) 

Pete Lee section 4 ( pegs 15-18) 

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