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Audco Fur & Feather SUC Hinstock Dec 2nd

The annual Christmas fayre match was held at the Hinstock wood length of canal. Conditions we're rock hard following a severe change in temperature and clear water conditions with locks being closed for maintenance!  Still a decent turnout of 9 Anglers braved it.  Dave Matson took top spot from Peg 83. . . 


1) Dave Matson (Peg 83) - 5lb 11oz

2) Dave Oldfield (Peg 84) - 4lb 7oz

3) Roy Biddulph (Peg 78) - 1lb 14oz


Audco Club Match S.U.C Hinstock Wood Nov 18th

The club held a contest on the Shropshire Union on Saturday, with some good weights in the run up to the Fur and Feather, being held on the SUC on Dec 2nd:


1) Dave Matson (Peg 79) - 8lb 12oz


2) Roy Cooper (Peg 77) - 6lb 4oz


3) Roy Biddulph (Peg 82) - 5lb


4) Bob Yeomans (Peg 81) - 4lb 14oz



Audco Club Match Long Lane 30th Sep

The club held a match on Long Lane on Saturday, in warm and windy conditions the fishing was mixed with some reasonable weights for the time of year:


1) Bob Pritchard (Peg 6) -  48lb


2) Dave Jones (Peg 15) - 33lb


3) Ron Mullinder (peg 1) - 31lb


4) Stu Miles (peg 4) - 22lb 13

Audco Series Long Lane 17th Sep

The final round of the 2017 league was fished on Sunday, with the same result, Dave Matson winning the round! That makes it a perfect 8 points for Dave.  It fished harder than most thought though:


1) Dave Matson (Peg 14) - 32lb

2) Bob Pritchard (Peg 11) - 29lb 9oz

3) Stuart Miles (Peg 8) - 22lb 13oz


Audco Series Bearcroft Pool 3rd Sep

Round 10 was fished on Sunday, last but one round of the league series for 2017.  It was hard going for everyone on the day.  Dave Matson continuing the theme of winning, with a first from peg 10:


1) Dave Matson (Peg 10) - 12lb 12oz

2) Dave Jones (Peg9) - 8lb 2oz

3) Bob Pritchard (Peg 11) - 7lb 6oz

4) Stu Miles (Peg 1) - 5lb 1oz


Final Round on Long Lane on 17th September.

Audco Open Bearcroft Pool August 26th

The latest open was held at the Hinstock venue on Saturday:


1) Roy Biddulph (Peg 4) - 18lb 13oz

2) Phil Bowen (Peg 9) - 9lb 2oz

3) Mick Pric (Peg 10) - plb 1oz


Audco Series The Hough 13th August Rd 9

Round 9 was contested on the Hough fishery near Press, with Dave Matson again winning the match!


1) Dave Matson (Peg 27) - 23lb 3oz

2) Roy Biddulph (Peg 2) - 20lb 11oz

3) Ron Mullinder (Peg3) - 19lb 15oz

4) Stu Miles (Peg 1) - 13lb 1oz


Macmillian Charity Open Newport Canal 29th July

The Annual Pairs match was fished by 13 pairs of Anglers on Saturday. Lining up along the club stretch and the Honeysuckle, the suckle produced the best weights. 


Section Winners



1) Richard Davey - 3.0.0

2) Matt Naylor - 2.14.0

3) Dave Jones



1) Pete Davidson - 18.3.0  (8 Bream & bits)

2) Phil Bowen - 7.6.8

3) Alan Naylor - 6.12.0


There was tie for first place with 5 points for both Phil Bowen/ Dave Jones & Alan/Matt Naylor with Phil and Dave taking it on weight. One indiviual managed to raise £81 for the charity and thanks goes to Paul Quinn of The Phez Newport for the aftermatch hospitality!


Audco Club match 22nd July Bearcroft Pool

Another club open on Bearcroft, with around 10 anglers turning out.  Dave Moore took the spoils following persistant rain the evening before:


1) Dave Moore (Peg 6) - 26lb 3oz

2) Roy Biddulph (Peg 4) - 25lb 9oz

3) Dave Matson (Peg 9) - 17lb


Audco Series Round 8 Melverley Farm 16th July

Chairman Dave Matson again showed his dominance over the series with another fine display and win on Sunday. He had a great mixed bag and nearly broke the ton!


1) Dave Matson - 90lb 8oz

2) Dave Jones - 56lb 10oz

3) Bob Pritchard - 47lb 13oz

4) Phil Bowen - 42lb 10oz


Audco Series Round 7 Long Lane 2nd July

Round 7 was contested on Sunday, with Dave Matson continuning his fine season form, with yet another Win . . .


1) Dave Matson (Peg 17) - 39lb 4oz

2) Ron Mullinder (Peg 15) - 28lb 7oz

3) Dave Jones (Peg 11) - 19lb 6oz

4) Stuart Miles (Peg 1a) - 15lb


Audco Club Match Long Lane June 25th June

Cooler than the week previous, but some great fishing was had by those who attended the match on Sunday:


1) Dave Matson (Peg 8) - 72lb 9oz

2) Ron Mullider (Peg 14) - 55lb 4oz

3) Phil Bowen (Peg 4) - 20lb 9oz


Audco Series Round 6 June 18th Parkers Pool

Red hot weather greeted those who fished Parkers on Sunday, the fishing was always going to be hard in 30 degrees! 


1) Dave Matson (Peg 22) - 36lb

2) Stuart Miles (Peg 20) - 23lb 10oz

3) Phil Bowen (Peg 6) - 19lb 11oz

4) Ron Mullinder (Peg2) - 13.15

Audco Match Bearcroft Pool June 10th

Mick Groom continued his recent good form, with a fine win from peg 6 of Bearcroft pool, in warm but windy conditions, he took a few good Carp to take the spoils . . .


1) Mick Groom (Peg 6) - 35lb


2) Roy Biddulph (Peg3) - 24lb


3) Mick Price (Peg 16) - 18lb

Audco League Round 5 The Hough

The Hough Fishery near Prees was used for Round 5 of the league, the fishing was much harder than any one thought it would be, but Roy Biddulph won for the second round in a row:


1) Roy Biddulph (Peg 23) - 14lb 12

2) Dave Matson (Peg 9) - 14lb 6oz

3) Harry Groom (Peg 19) - 13lb 13oz

4) Bob Pritchard (Peg 13) - 13lb 3oz


Audco Match - Newport Canal May 27th

A fine bag of fish from Pete Lee on Peg 14 won the latest saturday match on the Newport Canal:


1) Pete Lee (14) - 16lb

2) Harry Groom (peg 6) - 11lb 1oz

3) Mick Groom (Peg 10) - 3lb 8oz

Audco League Rd4 Bearcroft Pool 28th May

The latest round of the League was contested at Bearcroft Pool on Sunday, following heatwave weather, the day was cooler than preceeding days.  It was hard for many, but several found some fish . . 


1)  Roy Biddulph (Peg 6) - 33.15

2)  Phil Bowen (Peg 9) - 24.2

3)  Dave Matson (Peg2) - 21.4

4)  Dave Jones (Peg 10) - 14.14


Audco Match Bearcroft Pool May 13th

An Audco match was held on Bearcroft Pool on Saturday, with some good weights:


1) Mick Groom (Peg 1) - 24lb 10oz

2) Roy Biddulph (Peg 16) - 22lb 4oz

3) Pete Lee (Peg 8) - 14lb 10oz

4) Harry Groom (Peg 7) - 11lb 12oz



Audco Series SUC Honesty box rd 3 7th May

Round 3 of the league was contested on a warm sunny Sunday! The boat traffic was heavy and made it harder for the Anglers . . .


1) Dave Bould & Roy Biddulph - 6lb 13

3) Mick Groom 5lb 11oz

4) Andy Hughes - 5lb 2oz


Audco Pairs Match Newport Canal 30th April

The Annual pairs event was held on Saturday, using the clubs length and the Honeysuckle length. There were two pairs tied on points at the end day, but Mick Price and Roy Biddulph took first place on weight:




1) Roy B & Mick P  - 4 points

2) Phil B & Dave Jones - 4 points






1) John Buttery - 7.0.8




1) Mick Price - 13.8.0

Audco Series Round two: 23rd April Melverley Farm

Round two of the series was contested this Sunday, with the full line up of Anglers for round two. The weather continued to be good for April, with fine sunshine, fishing was harder than expected.  Dave Matson continued his great start to campaign with another win and Phil Bowen again came runner up . . .


1) Dave Matson - Carp and Silvers - 56.11.0

2) Phil Bowen - Carp and silvers - 39.8.0

3) Dave Jones - Carp and Silvers - 32.2.0

4) Stuart Miles - All Carp - 31.0.0


Audco Match Sunday 9th April Long Lane Pool

Some fantastic Spring sunshine and weather greeted those fishing the match on Long Lane Sunday, following a couple of days of unseaonsal warm weather.  The Fishing was still slow, as the water has yet to properly warm up.


1) Richard Cavey (Peg 1) - 28.4.0

2) John Buttery (Peg4) - 20.9.0

3) Ron Mulliner (Peg 5) - 15.11.0

4) Dave Matson (Peg 11) - 14.14


Audco Series Round One 2nd April SUC Little Soudley

Round one of the 2017 league was fished on Sunday, with dry conditions and a reasonable turnout for round one, Dave Matson started where he left off in 2016 with another win to start the campaign:


1) Dave Matson  (peg 29) - 6.10.0

2) Phil Bowen (Peg 27) - 4.14.0

3) Bob Pritchard & John buttery - 3.11


This was held on the honesty box stretch, next round is on Melverly Farm (Birches) on Apr 23rd.

SUC Canal March 18th Honesty Box length

Phil Bowen took the spoils on the latest match on the SUC. A tough match, with fish being very finicky was what greeted the Anglers on Saturday.  Lots of small fish we're caught!


1) Phil Bowen (Peg 16) - 4lb 13oz


2) Dave Matson (Peg 14) - 4lb 1oz


3) Mick Groome (Peg 4) - 3lb 2oz


4) Ron Mullinder (Peg 6) - 2lb 10oz


Audco Open SUC Match Saturday 18th Feb

Another open match was fished on Saturday, in better conditions than of late, again the Club used the inform Hinstock section of the canal, and again the same pegs produced! Yet again it was one of the Groom brothers who took the spoils . . . 


1) Mick Groom (Peg 78) - 14lb 3oz

2) Mick Price (Peg 79) -10lb 9oz

3) Bob Yeomans (Peg 72) -9lb 2oz

4) Harry Groom (Peg 82) - 7lb 11oz


Next match On Newport Canal 3rd of March.

Audco Open SUC match Saturday 4th Feb

The Second in a series of opens on the canal was contested Saturday and another good turn out by club match men, and sunshine and good weights, ensured that an enjoyable match was undertaken.  With the following results . . . Harry won is second match on the trot


1) Harry Groom  - 16lb 12oz  (Peg 78)


2) Roy Cooper - 15lb 60z (Peg 79)


3) Stu Miles - 9lb 12oz (Peg 80)


4) Bob Yeomans - 8lb 10oz (Peg 76)


Next match on Saturday 18th February.

Audco Club match Saturday Jan 21st SUC

The club held the first official match of 2017 on the Hinstock wood length of the canal at the weekend, and despite very cold conditions, the weights for some we're very good . . .


1) Ray Bate (Peg 79) - 14lb


2) Mick Groom (Peg 78) - 13.3.0


3) Phil Bowen (Peg 77) - 9lb 14oz


Bearcroft Knock Up matches - Mon 2nd & Sat 7th

Saturday 7th January


Following Ice on the pool, it was a good turn out for the latest knock up held on Bearcroft Pool, Saturday. It fished hard as expected it could be, some fish we're found in the dam wall end of the pool . . .


1) Stuart Miles (Peg9) - 9lb 12oz


2) Phil Bowen (Peg 10) - 7lb 14oz


3) John Buttery (Peg 12) - 4lb 9oz


Monday 2nd January


The first match of 2017 was held on Bearcroft and despite ice on the pool, some fish we're caught . . .


1) John Buttery (Peg 6) - 10lb 6oz (Carp on Feeder)


2) Phil Bowen (Peg 12) - 7lb 13oz  (12m pole)


3) Mick Groom (Peg 10) - 5lb 14 (short pole)

Audco Club match 18th December

The club held a mini match on Bearcroft in cold conditions on Sunday, fair turnout from match anglers too . . .


1) Bob Pritchard (peg 12) -13lb 10oz


2) Harry Groom (Peg 4) - 6lb 2oz


3) Phil Bowen (Peg 10) 5lb

Audco Fur & Feather Long Lane 3rd Dec

The Annual Christmas fayre match was held on Long Lane Pool last Saturday, with a good turn out of Anglers lining up.  New Chairman Elect Dave Matson, once again showed his skills to take top spot from Peg 11 following difficulties with Ice earlier on in the match. He didn't have it all his own way, with both Phil Bowen & Matt Egerton running him close . . . 


1) Dave Matson (Peg 11) - 38lb 11oz


2) Phil Bowen (Peg 15) - 33lb 14oz


3) Matt Egerton (Peg 14) - 38lb 6oz


4) Stu Miles (Peg 5) - 7lb 8oz



Harry with his winning bag of 14b 4oz on Shropshire union canal

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