Audco Angling Club
Audco Angling Club

Serck Audco Angling Club Rules

The Following rules were adopted at the clubs AGM, in December, and will be valid until further notice.

1) No Junior under 14 can fish the River Meese  or Bolas Pool without adult supervision, whereas supervision is recommended on all  other waters.

2) Club Card must be presented upon request to any Club bailiff or any committe/ Club member.

3) Day Tickets only available on Newport and Shropshire union Canals. 

4) When Fishing club waters, keepnets conforming to the minimum E.A requirements shall be used. In times of drought or other emergencies, use of keepnets may be restricted at the water bailiff or the committees discretion.

5) No Night fishing or lighting fires allowed on ANY club waters, with exception of Bolas  Pool (with Night fishing permit).

6) Anglers are to keep to proper pegs at any time.

7)500gram ONLY of dry mix of groundbait, This also applies to Method feeder fishing!  ALL PET foods, eg Dog & Cat Meat, bloodworm & joker are BANNED on all Club Waters.

8) barbless hooks only sizes 10-18 (except for Pike). Barbed hooks may be used for size 20 and smaller.

9) All members from the age of 12 must have an upto date E.A License.

10) Closed Season as per E.A license applies to the river Meese(incl Eel fishing).

11) Tin cans and glass bottles are not allowed (Sweetcorn / meat etc) on ANY fishery.

13) Anglers must remove any litter from pegs & surroundings and take this away.

14) Anglers must close all gates behind them.

In Addition to the above, the following rules also apply to:

 Long lane pool.

15) No floating baits, boilies or ANY pet foods, to be used.

16) 500gram of Dried mix of ground bait  ONLY (also applies to Feeder Fishing).

17) One rod/pole only to be used at any one time. No fishing across swims.

18) No Electronic Bait Alarms to be used.

19) No tackle to be left on pegs i,e "Reserving peg for later".

20) ALL nets must be dry before use.

21) No Carp (other than crucian) to be retained in keepnets when pleasure fishing.

22) 40lb Weight limit in Nets.

23) No fish over 10lb to be retained in keepnets in matches. Fish to be weighed in with weight recorded.

24) Parking of cars only in designated areas i,e along the roadside fence. NO DRIVING too Pool side to load or unload tackle!  NO DAY TICKETS HERE (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Bearcroft Pool

25) Two keepnets must be used at any time, one for Carp & one for Silvers, all nets must be dry prior to use.

26) No Electronic Bait Alarms to be used.

27) 40lb weight limit per net.

28) 500Gram of dry ground bait mix only (this applies to feeder fishing)


29) The Committee can change the rules without prior notice during the year, amendments will be published and listed on this page.

30) This set of rules supersedes all previous rules.


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