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The latest fixtures for club matches

The following are up and coming fixtures, so book your space with Bob Pritchard on 07531 780250. These are confirmed dates at time of printing, please local press, website and notice boards at venues for update data / new bookings.


Bookings 2018




Date                  Venue                                             Draw                        Duration




20th              SUC Audco AC  Open                    9am                           5  hours








3rd             Newport Canal Memorial                        9am                           5 hours

17th            Newport Canal Open                              9am                           5 hours

25th            Audco Series Rd1 SUC                          9am                           5 hours




7th             Ray Davies Memorial Newport  canal     9am                           5 hours

15th           Audco  Series Round2  Stirchly top        9am                           5 hours

21st           Audco Open Newport Canal                    9am                            5 hours

29th           Audco Match Long Lane                          9am                           5 hours





5th           Audco Bearcroft Poo                                 9am                              5 hours

13th         Audco Series rd3  The Hough                   9am                              5 hours

19th        Audco AC open Newport Canal           9am                           5 hours 

20th        Long Lane Dawley AC                          9am                           5 hours

20th        Audco Series Rd4 Melverly Birches    9am                          5 hours

26th        Audco Open Macmillian Pairs              9am                          5 hours

                Newport canal



2nd          Audco AC Newport Canal                       9am                           5 hours

10th         Audco Series Rd5 Parkers Pool             9am                           5 hours

16th         Audco Open Newport Canal                   9am                           5 hours

17th         Audco AC Club Long Lane                     Cancelled Match

24th         Long Lane Harlescott AC                        9am                           5 hours

30th         Audco AC Newport Canal                       9am                           5 hours





1st              Audco Series Rd 6 Long Lane                     9am                              5 hours

8th              Long Lane Lilleshall AC                               9am                              5 hours

14th            Newport Canal Ian Williams                         9am                              5 hours

                   Memorial Match

15th            Long Lane Woodseaves AC                         9am                              5 hours

15th            Audco Series Rd7  Apley Pool                    9am                              5 hours

18th            Long Lane Lilco Juniors                               5:30pm                        3 hours

28th            Audco Open Newport canal                          9am                             5 hours

29th            Audco Series Rd8  Melverley Laneside       9am                             5 hours






4th            Audco Open Newport Canal                            9am                                5 hours

4th           Long Lane Pool Reman AC                       8am                             5 hours

12th          Long Lane Lilleshall AC                                   9am                                5 hours

12th          Audco Series Rd 9The Hough                        9am                                5 hours

18th          Long Lane Lilco AC                                          1pm                                5 hours

25th          Audco AC Len Boniface Memorial                  9am                                5 hours

                 Newport Canal

26th          Long Lane Harlescott AC                                 9am                                5 hours




1st          Audco AC Newport Canal                                  9am                                 5 hours

2nd         Audco Series Rd 10 Parkers                             9am                                 5 hours

9th          Audco Club Long Lane                                      9am                                 5 hours

15th        Audco Club Newport Canal                               9am                                 5 hours

16th        Audco Series Rd11 Long Lane                          9am                                 5 hours






6th        Audco Open SUC                                                   9am                                  5 hours

7th        Audco AC Club Match Long Lane                        9am                                  5 hours

20th      Audco AC Open SUC                                             9am                                  5 hours




3rd             Audco Open  SUC                                                 9am                                 5 hours

17th            Audco Open SUC                                                 9am                                 5 hours





1st           Audco Fur & Feather Long lane                     9am                           5 hours





Please check with local press and our site for regular updates and more information.

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